Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov.6, 2011 finally painting again.

Yesterday I spent time at the studio doing 25 2"x3" paintings for Lanyard Art.
Also had to dampen 3 paintings on Canson artboard and sandwich between glass and add weight..the board tends to curl.
Today I painted background color on 6 square canvas boards and 2 cradled boards I bought from Hobby Lobby the other day. I have wanted to a small painting a day in November to have new work to sell at the Christmas show I am participating on December 2.
I started a silly painting on one of the boards of fish, waves, a yellow boat with a red and white striped sail, sand dollars and starfish. Colorful and fun...although now I am considering using a wash to tie it all together and calm down the bright colors. But I can't think of the color that would work..tempted to use a washy gold. Using acrylics.
Decided to try a transfer with acrylic Gloss gel medium. Waiting Waiting for it to dry so I can soak off the paper and see what is left to add to the next painting!
So I will take photos tomorrow but in the is some of the lanyard art I have already done.


  1. those are lovely, I particularly like the fox, so much character...

  2. I see I am not the only one doing mini's these days. Not something I would want to do all the time, but it is a nice switch from the norm.

    Love what you have done, they are so unique. Also love your twin Godzilla's.

  3. These are very nice, Kate. What a neat concept. I like the little necklaces you added at the bottom. Your art is as always outstanding.

  4. Chacune de vos oeuvre a un petit quelque chose qui m'attire... Quelque chose de précieux... J'aime cependant beaucoup celle avec les petits coquillages ...
    Gros bisous