Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov. 8,2011

Two small paintings I did in acrylic and glitter and glue!(12"x6") On cradled board.
"The Yellow Boat" The Sweet Sally is tossed about on a pretty sea, while below her the blue and green fish hang out with the starfish and sand dollars.
"The Red Buoy" A red and yellow buoy floats above the pod of small orange whales while the clams sit in the sand. Done for fun!


  1. Great little paintings. You did them for fun and they are fun. Very magical.

  2. Des peintures pleines de charme ...
    gros bisous

  3. Your paintings made me smile, so much character and animation in the fish! I love your long list of animals in your About Me. I have lots of animals too :-}
    Feel free to pop by and say hi to my ceramic animal friends if you have time.
    xx Hugs Lorraine xx