Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Veteran's Day

an 8"x8" acrylic painting I did yesterday. White Whale,Full Moon and Jupiter

Today I hung my flag to honor my father,Uncle and Father-In-law who all fought in WWII and are no longer with us. Raymond Earl Hale (Marine), Charles Everett Hale (Air Force),James Paul Mitchell (Army), my brother in law who is now gone, James Gordon Mitchell (Army), my brother Charles Thomas Hale (Army), my husband, David Paul Mitchell (Army), my Uncle, John Walker (Army).
I also honor all the past relatives,ancestors who fought for this country in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, the Civil War (both sides), and WWI.
I hate war...but I am proud of my relatives who fought for freedom.


  1. Wonderful tribute.
    Thanks for your sweet visit and words.
    Once a Marine's wife, always a Marine's wife, just like always a Marine's daughter.
    Semper fi

  2. Dear Kay-you must be so proud...of your dad (and all of your relatives). My hubby always says that soldiers hate war the most, because they are the ones that have to fight it. Semper fi.