Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov. 19,2011 I am one of the ????%

Those crazy creditors..think they can squeeze blood er money out of a turnip, or my wallet.
Somedays I just don't want to look inside the tidy little envelopes with windows, go fly a kite while I drink coffee and paint...that is the ticket!!!!
It is a little rebellion of need to freeze my buttocks off in the park with the 99%..I just pay my bills when I chose....hmmm sometimes that works against me..but I heard the tents were full of pee and poo and drugs so I will be at home performing my own rebellion by picking from the hat which 1% will get paid today..get in is a long line, better be nice because this dollar won't stretch like you all think it should.
I also practice passive aggressive rebellion by sending the credit card offers back in their own postage paid Dad did this and we all carry on the tradition of making these vultures pay their own postage for naught!!!!
Yeah that will change the financial world. Still it is a satisfying if little rebellion.
Yes..I pay my bills, yes I owe them, but somedays..I just want to see more than .65 in my checking account for more than a day.
So today..instead of paying people and kvetching about money or lack of money..after all it is just money! ..I will paint some little paintings. Tomorrow I will go to my neglected studio to prepare for the holiday sale and steal back my hallway space for my paintings..awwww selfishness..somedays it feels so good.
Oh and it snowed last night..but it is melting off the cars and I will sit inside with my unpaid wait I did pay...gas heat and watch it melt so I don't have to scrape the windshield.
Lazy girl

I took this photo in Europe in 2008..why post it today? Because this whole post seemed a little prickly to me....haha. I laugh at my own small jokes too.


  1. I too make my money go as long as it possibly will and hope it outlasts the month. I always thank god when it does. You have to keep believing in little miracles and reconsider every dime you spend. Nothing gets wasted. Good luck! XOX

  2. The financial situation is so endemic worldwide, that I am surprised that WHO [world health organisation] hasn't introduced an immunisation programme! - I jest of course because, because we have no funds to make a profit for the pharmaceuticals :)

  3. oh that's a good point about sending junk mail back in its own envelope, must remember to do that!