Wednesday, November 23, 2011

no job, but a good day.....

well got an email thanking me for my application for the spa job..and once job. Of course I have gone over the interview many times and decided that maybe I was just not playing the game the way it should be played. Maybe I am too much myself.

.but since I fought for me to be me for so many years..I don't see myself pretending to play any one's game any time soon..guess I better get selling art!

That I worked on some nice bookmarks which will get embellished with ribbon and beads, tea dyed package tags which will get stamped and embellished, bought molding for Hubby to turn into simple frames for small acrylic paintings, bought cards and envelopes which will get stamped and painted and embellished. I will design at least 3 stamps or stencils for the cards, one will be a dog, the other will be a bear and I am thinking of a chameleon too. These will be put into sets for Christmas/holiday cards. I also want to find some plain Christmas tree glass balls to paint and embellish. So I have some work to do..
fixing sweet potatoes and dressing tonight for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I cheated and bought frozen pies...Saves some time...Turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow, vegies, wine, mmmm can't wait!

So this holiday is of course in thanks for the Pilgrims being saved from starvation by the local Native Americans. Of course not long after and for much of our Great county's history we have waged war on the native Americans, killing them, displacing them, stealing their lands, killing off their bison herds, giving them small pox infected blankets. I did read today that a tribe was getting back some of their ancestral lands in New Mexico, after it was stolen from them by the US govt. reneging on treaties 125 years ago! So no good deed goes unpunished.
In thanks for the hated "Indians" teaching immigrants how to eat corn and turkey we eat turkey until we lapse into a stupor and watch lots of football games

and "Peanuts" specials.

I usually watch the Macy's Parade in the morning while getting said turkey ready for dinner.

As children we learn that the turkey was in line to be our revered symbol of freedom..but of course the Bald Eagle.

.who is very pretty became our symbol.
Not to be mistaken for the Turkey vulture

Of course that means every school age child learns to draw a turkey

participates in plays about the pilgrims,

and learns to eat a little pie with their whipped cream.
Our President always pardons one or two turkeys

So I intend to enjoy Thanksgiving eating a lot, and watching football games, and being thankful for all of the good things in my life.

Here is hoping that no one acts like a turkey..except in good ways

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Kay. Please, don't overeat, although I know that's hard not to do. XOX

  2. Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Thanksgiving avec de gros bisous...
    Je suis désolée ces derniers jours je suis très occupée et je ne pouvais pas venir vous visiter...
    Merci pour ce beau partage.

  3. wonderful post! blessings to you &yours in all ways.......I think I know that last turkey:). !!!!


    oops.....almost missed the thingy for my comment!

  4. Hi Kay,
    I'm late with this, but I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kay. I really enjoyed your post.