Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/11 Job interview and Narwhals

I have a job interview tomorrow. I got it because my friend who works at this spa at a ski resort recommended me to her boss for the front desk. Then I applied online and heard nothing. Then my friend's boss asked if I had applied. Then she began to email human resources to get me pushed through. Then today I received an email from my friend saying they had heard nothing from HR maybe I should call them...I did and was set up for an interview tomorrow at 4pm. This is the only response that has happened with many job applications since September and was due to the fact that my friend intervened! I don't have the job yet..I worry that I won't have the right clothes or the right answers...but whatever. It is a ski resort and somewhat laid back. But these days I don't own good clothes..well professional type clothes...I have decent clothes!Some without paint on them! I need a haircut but can't afford it right now. Yikes..I am usually not so worried about things but I need the job and it would work well with allowing me to do my summer job too!!! I could actually be employed all year round with both jobs!!!
But selfishly..I have to admit that I prefer not working an outside job...I would rather paint...but I am not with a silver spoon in my mouth...I need to bring in the $$ when art is not this will allow me to pay my studio rent, help out and keep me on a structured schedule that does help me do art if I am not too tired.
Yes the sound of some ambivalence but I do want the job. Wish me luck.
In the meantime...I have been living in my childish world and painting fun and goofy paintings with glitter of is another one.
Called "Night of the Narwhals" I love to see documentaries on animals I may never see in real life. These two look a bit lovey-dovey and if it weren't for the looooong horns would probably be smooching under the starry night sky. This is 12"x12" acrylic, glitter and glue on canvas board.

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  1. Good luck on the job interview. I hope you are able to find suitable clothes in your closet and that your hair will look perfect.

    The painting is lovely. I love what you did with the sky. XOX