Friday, October 14, 2011

win this art.....and other things are happening

this is what I am giving away to one of my followers next Weds. so get an extra entry by commenting here, you are in the drawing if you are following me. Good Luck

spending more time in the studio..which is a great thing. Working on 5 paintings..hoping to use them for the Feb. show. I will post some pics in a minute.

I am sure that no one who doesn't live in Utah would think of Salt Lake City as a haven for the arts. But as the only "metropolis" in Utah it really has a lot of art related happenings. I read that SLC has more art venues for it's population base within city limits than most larger cities in the US except New York City!
Hard to believe? Not really. Having become a part of the community of fellow artists..I am inundated with invitations to attend art events.
So many in fact that I cannot do even half of them. If I lived in the city or closer I could possibly attend more but my energy or lack of tends to keep me home more than I like. We have gallery stroll every 3rd Friday in SLC, strolls in Park City and Provo too. We have an arts council that is actively engaging disabled artist, marginalized artists, emerging artists. We have an art museum on Univ. of Utah campus that regularly brings in International artists and retrospectives besides having a lovely permanent collection that their young benefactors fill with wonderful contemporary art.We have too many galleries to count. We have events for giving grants, for sharing creativity, and parties too. The Farmers markets are as much about art as they are of produce. Even the library system is a major supporter of the arts. The fairly new and wonderful Main Library has several galleries and even art shops and a co-op. Speaking of Co-ops there are some here. And of course the many established artists studio complexes which invite the public in on a regular basis.
Outside of the city we have a wonderful art museum south of where I live in Springville, Utah which has annual salons and many shows and and a terrific collection of Russian art. BYU in Provo has a major art museum that brings in wonderful international events.
Further south are artists communities in Spring City and Helper. Plein air events go on all summer and fall ...just was invited to one in Zion's National Park.
There are day when I despair about the politics and predominate religion influence in this state but in the end..I thank my lucky stars I landed here in 1973 without an inkling of where this was or what it was.
A diverse population and getting more diverse is helping change the outlook here. The landscape is not only diverse and unusual but like no where else on earth.
Yes..I must admit I love Utah.
Here are a few more paintings that I think are finished..enjoy and have a great da


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  1. I'm glad for you that you live in such a thriving artistic environment. It does surprise me to hear how much Utah has to offer. But good for you!

    I'd agree and say those paintings are finished. They are lovely as always. You do work the magic.