Monday, October 10, 2011

art giveaway!

So since I have had only one response for my little art giveaway...I am just going to take a name from those who have been following me and two for the one response and everyone into the hat on weds. Will do it again over the next two weeks...if you get 2 entries! Does that sound fair?


  1. hi kay...sounds fair to me...i read today you were having a give-away and then had very little response...hmmm, seems blogging is slip-sliding away to facebook and the others....otherwise everybody is having lots more fun doing other things than blogging than about 3-6mths ago! ah well....maybe it's just the way it is... so toss me in your hat! i'd love to win a piece of yours!!! ;) xox

  2. I didn't see your giveaway, but I do now, so count me in, and I'm very excited for Work of Art starting tomorrow!

  3. Your artwork looks lovely. I would love to enter the draw. Please include me. Thanks so much.