Thursday, October 27, 2011

my apologies....

I have not drawn for the last little artwork which still needs a bit of work! Hope you all don't mind if I wait until next week. Seems like some weeks just are at a standstill!!! I will choose some photos I took on Monday..enjoy


  1. Lovely autumn colors. I see your world is canging also. Will there be snow soon?

  2. yes...I can feel it in the air!

  3. your photos are very nice, but what I wanted to really write about is Frankie, I just read that he's gone,, I'm so sorry .
    They are the best gifts we can have and I feel for you...
    I have angie my mixed pooch and 3 cats. You may have read about them on my blog.. My Angie is very old now and I'm getting prepared for the inevitable , but she is also a rescue and has been with me a very long time..
    Maybe you'll get another one some day,, it's so nice to give the unwanted ones a loving home... hugs. BJ . and ps thanks for coming to my blog ,, and yes, I'll go for it !!!