Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29,2011 Royal wedding sleepyhead

So I got up and watched the royal wedding. I had ulterior motives. I got to spend 9 days in London back in 2008. It was and still is the first and only time I have been "across the pond". I fell in love with this huge city. And have wanted to return. So whenever I get to see it on TV I am enthralled. Besides as a typical US citizen..the pomp and circumstance of the royal doings is fascinating. I admit that one of my favorite things was seeing the royal guard and their magnificent horses. All the uniform braiding and colors, all the weird and wonderful hats on the ladies. It adds up to a must see in my book. Besides the fact that I saw history in the making.
I feel so fortunate to have been privy to so many great things in history. Growing up with a TV in the house..we were treated to space launches, moon landings, Presidents come and go, royal weddings, civil rights marches and speeches and tragedy too. I feel as if I have had an front row seat to some amazing historical events..and this one did not disappoint.
I know a lot of people don't care about this wedding. They don't understand the fuss. But I do wish we had a bit more color in our official proceedings.
It reminds me of going to an LDS chapel (Mormon) and then to a Greek Orthodox church. From drab and uninteresting to colorful, symbolic and way more interesting.
I believe that some people don't know what they are missing,suspending our wallowing in the day to day to see something beautiful. For the eye candy of color and wonder alone. Needless to say the fact that a nice young man who has lived a life with tragedy and made it through with grace to marry a girl he obviously loves..well need I say more.
But as I am wont to do..I will say a bit more..I am not really a wedding fan. So few are happy. But this one seems so much more happy than the one before (Diana and Charles). Kate seems to have her head on straight, William seems a sensitive young man...I hope they find a happiness that can be an example to the rest of us. Why not some happiness in this time of war, natural disasters and polarizing hatred?
There I have said it...I am not advocating for a monarchy but I am advocating for beauty, symbolism, happiness, color and hope.


  1. 'Ello Kay,
    That's my best imitation of a British "hello". I enjoyed reading this post and stayed up all night, too. Quite a show!
    I also wanted to tell you that I heartily agree with everything you said here and I couldn't have said it better. Thanks for saving me the trouble of posting today! I'm still a bit groggy from such a late night.
    Get some rest, if it's possible to catch-up on lost sleep.

  2. Oh I hope so too, Kay!
    I couldn't help myself but shed a few tears when i watched them this morning!


  3. thanks Gary and Lenore...I am a bit tired!

  4. We'd just moved from England to Canada in the early 50's when television was very new and hardly anyone owned one. There was a day long party in our little community of British immigrants to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and that was the first thing I saw on tv. A family in the community put their set on a covered porch so we could watch what was probably part of the parade. Later the memories were enhanced by all the photographs and stories where they lodged deep in my heart. The War was only recently ended and King George VI and Queen Mary had been most beloved for their bravery and grace during the Blitz.

    You've described the reasons why so many of us are touched by tradition.

  5. What a nice testimony to what television CAN be, even though it so often isn't! I didn't watch the wedding but appreciate your thoughts on it. What an apt comment, "I am not advocating for a monarchy but I am advocating for beauty, symbolism, happiness, color and hope." Here here!

  6. I agree with the last comment about tv. It is good to hear your perspective. I didn't watch the wedding, but I liked seeing the cute couple and all the fuss made over them.