Friday, April 22, 2011

April 22,2011

I went to collect the poor paintings that didn't get into the show. And as usual I was in good company. There were 2000 entries and only 250 (I think) made it in. They were hung and it was a nice show.There were 50 Honored Utah Artists who automatically get one piece in for having been in so many shows or received awards in the salon..whatever the criteria..I am always amazed that over the last 2 years it hasn't been their best work. I know the work of these artists and they are phenomenal artists but I wonder why some of them don't bring their best for the premier salon in our state? Not all of them slack but some do!
I think if I gained that status especially in this nice venue..I would try to bring in a good as not to disappoint those who know my work and expect much. fair is it for the younger, or unknowns to find a spot in the limited venue? If you don't want to honor the venue and your status then don't take the spot.
OK that is not a whine for my not getting in. Because I do have an eye and I saw some wonderful art in the basement, waiting to go home with disappointed artists.
That said..I posted the Rock Wall which came home today. The other is on my header..Look To The Sky.
The good news is that after my eye doctor appt. tomorrow I am setting up my Etsy site.
Then I am going to host a giveaway for my lovely blogger friends who have been so supportive. I love you guys. I hope your Easter weekend is warm and sunny!


  1. Happy Easter! Never give up.

  2. I love the colours in that painting! Interesting that acclaimed artists woudln't put in their best pieces, that seems very lazy... Good luck with your Etsy shop (I'm sort of thinking of setting one up too!) Oh and happy Easter too!

  3. Happy Easter Kay, wishing you all the luck in the world with your ETSY store. Send me a link to it please.

  4. Hi, Kay - it's always a crap shoot entering shows. A lot of great work goes home each time. This piece is radiant. Love the glowing colors.
    thanks for your kind words. :-) Liz

  5. Been there, done that Kay! Heh, it can be frustrating for sure. Lovely painting.