Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011

the latest far 8 done. They are watercolor with hand carved stamps, ink, acrylic and yes ..glitter on paper! I want to name the series but haven't figured it out yet. I want it to indicate earth, water and the universe...not too much too cover!!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. They are nice each individual or all four to hang up together. I can picture them matted and framed and signed by the artist. Great job.

  2. They look great Kay! Very symbolic and interesting. I am trying to get into some mixed media such as this too!

  3. Love abstracts and the colours are wonderful too. It's really good to paint a series as one painting leads to another firing up the creative juices and you really get into the flow.

  4. this starfish
    atop the coral sands
    tides eddy

    __Kay, four fine impressions here... and the echo I leave above... is reflective of the fourth!
    __Thank you Kay, and too, for your visit and kind comment; you are always welcome! _m

  5. gorgeous kay, might i ask what is the gold you are using? paint, ink? it's very radiant and i love the whole design of them...really hope you share your secret gold stash! xxx