Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14,2011

Today is an auspicious day in history..on this day in 1953 I was born!!!! Haha..the older I get the goofier I get.
I had a fun week..
I received a small painting in a giveaway by Cyd Rust.
I got a tiny pot of tartan flowers in a giveaway by Sophia in Edinburgh.
I got a page done in the art journal making the rounds from Peggy Krantz.Sending it out to you tomorrow Peggy.
I gave away 3 paintings from my own drawing during the open studio and met some fabulous people.
The wind blew at 69 miles per hour last night.
It snowed a bit this morning.
My Hubby treated me to a cheeseburger and fries and fry sauce for lunch.Really everyone should try Arctic Circle Yukon gold french fries with the Utah fry sauce!
My youngest son bought me Bambi on blu ray disc to go along with the blu ray player he gave me for Christmas.
My mother told me I was getting too old!
We had 2 conversations this week where we giggled the whole time..BTW she is 85 and I am 58!
One of my hens literally laid her egg in my hand as I was looking for her egg!!
Here are some pics!


  1. Happy birthday Kay. It sounds like you have had some great things happening lately - a lovely lead in to your birthday.

  2. kay, happy birthday, we are practically twins, my bday is the 22! but i will be 60--cannot believe that but tis true...what a fun time you have had, i am trying to feel well enough to enjoy it myself but so far, things have not cooperated as they might...but better than before...i adore that little fox painting, he's so cute, with such personality. :) hope you keep right on enjoying for the rest of the week! many many more to you too. xoxo

  3. Hey, happy birthday-sounds like a great day.
    Mine is in April also.

  4. Have a happy birthday, Kay! Great post!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! My hubby's birthday is today - and my brothers! I know many April-children - they are the best! It sounds like your day was just fun - such pretty, happy pictures!

  6. I'm glad you had such an excellent time. The artwork is lovely and I send you all best wishes for your recent birthday.

  7. Happy birthday! It must be good luck to have the hen lay an egg in your hand

  8. hey there! sorry i missed the egg laying event. i do love a fecund nest! best to you. my 58th is this year too.


  9. Happy Birthday Young Lady!
    Sounds like you had a great day and I'm happy for you. We all need a few of those every now and then. Gee...fifty-eight...I remember when I was that young. Life sure begins to zoom along as one sneaks up on "late middle age"! Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Congratulations Kay,

  10. oh dear, missed your b-day. I'm glad you had a good day. I haven't received the journal yet but I didn't go to the post office today. Can't wait!!