Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2,2011

I entered the annual Artists' magazine show today. We shall see how that goes!
I started 3 larger mixed media paintings in my studio yesterday. Found out my across the hall studio neighbor has found a house to rent with studio she is out and my next door neighbor moved into her space and a new artist is next to me! Kind of sad about my friend but happy she is finally financially able to have a home for herself and her kittens!
I am working on 3 small..5" x5" paintings today.
I am hoping one of the new larger ones will be my interpretation of a young friends' artwork. He takes wood grain and makes faces from the boards by piecing the grain to resemble faces. He suggested to our studio complex that he would like us to each do an interpretation of his art in our own styles..should be fun. We will show our collection at our next open studio and he is shopping the idea around to galleries.
Still waiting to hear on the Salt Lake county library shows, and waiting for the Utah county art gallery show.
Played with Amy today..she loves her big stick!
The sun is out and now we just need a bit more heat.
Wishing I could get invited some day to participate in the 300 plates show that is at the Art Access once a year. These are metal plates that invited artists paint and they are auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Art Access non-profit. They help disabled artists and pair them with local artists to help them and then they have shows together.
Many people I know paint every year. Just hoping some day that they will invite me.
so here is a pic of Miss Amy Leelee and her stick!


  1. Luv Art shows that benefit a good cause!
    Oh, Amy has the same nickname as me!


  2. Love that pic of the chicken. I used to have forty such birds and I loved them all. All the best with the show.

  3. somehow that dust bath looks lovely. i would like to take one in the warm sun, also.

  4. Good luck with your entries in the show and Miss Amy Leelee is just adorable!

  5. I hope you've had some good news about the art show by now.

    Amy looks like a real sweetheart, a girl who knows how to amuse herself.