Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th,2011

Today is a Utah state holiday..Pioneer Day. Of course they will celebrate it tomorrow! I used to feel left out because I was not of Mormom pioneers..then I thought about the fact that my family came to the US in the mid 1600's and basically paved the way for the later "pioneers". When my family came Pennsylvania was a wilderness with nothing but forests and native Americans. They built their homes far from any real settlements and made it on their own. So no need to feel left out!!
Those were the Russells, the Swigers were German imigrants who settled in the western hills of West Virginia. My grand dad was born in the family cabin that is still on top of a mountain. My Dad's family settled in Tennessee. They were from England and Scotland. Technically we are hill people!
Enough family history.
Yesterday a fellow came with his Golden Eagle, Holly. She is beautiful! My old pal Smokey the Bear showed up and delighted the kids. Tomorrow the "birds of prey" guy comes back with more. I get really happy to see the animals. Here is a pic of my closeup encounter with Miss Holly.

Smokey and the fun ranger..Roberta!

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