Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 20011

Wow hard to believe it is the end of July so soon!! I spent the last 2 days off cleaning, running errands and finally getting to my travel journal to send to Peggy apologies Peggy for being so slow! It seems that my energy level is low on days I work and so my evenings are a bust. But I feel better this week..losing weight is helping.
Picked some apricots but they are kind of sandy and many have those darn earwigs in them!! So they are a treat for the horses and chickens.
Had to do my laundry at a laundromat this week. Now there is an interesting way to spend time. Our washer is on the fritz and so I washed at the expensive washers and line dried my clothes at home. I really like pegging out the laundry. It is a zen like experience for me. Sends me right back to childhood and hanging out the sheets for Mom.
I also managed to finish 3 journals. One is the traveling journal, the other two are gifts for my sons' girlfriend and her 7 yr. old daughter, Lily. I am going to do a quick colorful drawing in each and hand them over. The travel journal has one page started. I cheated and glued a small fish painting to it and will finish it out to the edges tonight. Then into the mail it must go.
The long beads I made myself from stamped cloth.
Anyway..enjoy your day to work I go. TTFN

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  1. The Journals are fantastic! What wonderful gifts! And I can imagine what it was like at the laundromat! LOL! Lots of people watching I suppose!