Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13,2011

Beautiful morning, couldn't sleep so took photos of the morning clouds.
Unfortunately found a missing chicken. We think a dog got her.
Poor thing..she was an independent chicken and it did her in.
Plenty to do so enjoy the pics....


  1. Des belles photos et une bien jolie peinture...
    Ah! votre poule à voulu jouer le rôle de la "chèvre de Monsieur Seguin"!
    gros bisous

  2. Great sky pictures! Bad news about the chicken....we have nine now but can't bring ourselves to free range them because of the risk to them (we live right in front of a greenbelt and have seen coyotes and raccoons, not to mention the neighborhood dogs!!!

  3. mine can hop the 6 foot fence so a new roof and barriers are needed. They can free range in the evenings when I am home!

  4. It is amazing what the clouds can say. I had a puppy once who killed one of my hens. An old farmer tied the dead chick to his collar for a few days. He never touched another chicken, in fact he shared his food with them.

  5. Hi Ralph, I have heard of that way to cure a dog from killing chickens. But since it is a neighbor's dog..don't guess they would appreciate finding him with a dead chicken around his neck!!! I actually think he belonged to some contractors who were installing a fence next door. Haven't seen him since.