Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21,2011 Blackhole and Bogs

Yesterday I turned in my job paperwork. The Forest service people are all so nice and seem happy to have me on board. Monday I will train then Thursday I will start. I think this will be fun!
My art has taken a nosedive! I wonder why I sometimes go for 3 weeks at a time with no impetus to do art. Sometimes it is the foul weather that bogs me down, sometimes it can be having disagreements with the Hubby. It isn't fair to use him as an excuse..although somedays he seems like the blackhole of pessimism and insecurity. Not that he is that way on purpose. So why in 32 years have I not learned how to deal with that?
Some times I feel paralyzed in front of the TV! I have been way too starting the job should help. Also I need to start walking again..forcing myself out of bed early.
Will this help my art? I think so.
What do you do to get out of the doldrums?
I thought having many projects and deadlines would help and I think it will..once I get moving.
I think too I need to take a sketchbook with me to the canyon for slow times. If I force myself to do a page a day for a month will it become the habit I wanted to have?
I think I had hoped to have life all figured out by now. And that seems just as silly as anything I have ever thought!!!
So I have been reading a lot of art books and getting ideas for some experimental techniques to try.
Maybe I need to get the grass out of my little garden and give the iris a boost.
Sigh..seem to be circling that blackhole.

or stuck like this guy


  1. Every so often it all just seems to be too much, doesn't it? There have been times when I've just moved away from painting and even drawing for months at a time. Then I work on other, more tactile projects - silk painting, beading, sculpture and other activities that can be conducted in the limited surroundings of an apartment. I'd love to try making lampwork beads or work on Raku but simply can't. I always do go back to painting and always find my work has improved when I do.

    You probably need a break but that's going to be hard with deadlines. So carrying a sketchpad is probably a good idea. Best of luck with your new job.

  2. Boy I recognised myself in your discription so don't feel alone! Sometimes it's good to take a break and do something else after a while you will be itching to get back to painting again. Don't despair or be hard on yourself, just go with the flow and enjoy your new job.

  3. Be careful not go assign yourself too many tasks. You'll end up overwhelmed and won't do the things you love. The sketchbook is a great idea. I wouldn't even force yourself to do a page. I would say you should try to spend at least 5 minutes. If you feel led to do more...great! If not, you can usually squeeze in 5 minutes somewhere. Good Luck!

  4. thanks all for the sound advice! It is helping that the sun is out today! Trying to get a link to the City Weekly website to send you to so you can see me in a video. But I am not too smart about these things!!!

  5. Kay,
    we're humans...our creative process is like the mountains~ the tops & valleys as well, yes?
    Hope you'd enjoy the new job!


  6. I've been there! The inspiration wanes, I get stagnant, literally, and wonder why I'm stuck. But I've learned it passes. It does help to look to blogs, books, journals for inspiration. Usually I read something that lights my fire. Your art has lit my fire. Be kind to yourself, my friend and it will all back around.

  7. Don't force yourself to do your art, just let it flow naturally although I don't see why you should take advice from someone whose artistic talent ends at dtawing stick figures.

  8. Thanks for your comments on my post 'Miss Fluffy' love hearing about all your kitties. I was wondering whether you could get some snaps of some of them, I'm always looking for ref. photos to work from and would appreciate it greatly, if you have some time to take some, I know they don't hold still for long! maybe while they are sleeping! my email is
    Thanks a million:))
    if there's anything I can do for you just say.