Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 SUN!!!!

would you believe that it rained more this month in Utah than ever on record? That said, yesterday..Memorial Day..was cold, wet, miserable.and still we had hikers to go to the cave tour. It was 38 degrees outside and 43 degrees in the cave! Morning tours had to be rescheduled since the rangers had to shovel 2 inches of snow off the trail. What should have started at 7am didn't start until 10:30 am. Going up to work was beautiful..snow at 5000 feet and wet everywhere. The American Fork River is as high as I have ever seen it..angry and brown..it is dangerous. The day before it rained so much they were thinking they might have to evacuate the monument..so we all had to read up on the panic files! Luckily the river did not flood. By the time I went home the sun had come out and everything looked cheery. A far cry from the rest of the day. The brave hikers were wet and tired but happy. I sold some items and answered phones. We had a pot luck for the holiday. I brought my easy peasy pasta salad. We made "Toasties", which were whole grain bread, ham, or roast beef slices, cheese..choice of three..and then toasted in a sandwich press. It was very good.
My feet were some better. I had soaked them in ice water the night before. Yes that sounds terrible..and it is but it helps with inflamation of the tendons.
I took some pics yesterday so I will post them for you to see where I work now. I am a "happy camper" there. Although I would rather be free to do art all of the time..if one has to work..which I do..this is a good way to go.

The new header photo is actually taken from a postcard we sell at the visitor's center. Taken by Alan and Sandy Carey. These are Mountain Goats. Not native to American Fork Canyon, they were introduced in the 1980's to expand their habitat. There were grumblings but they are wonderful to see. We saw one on Saturday way up the canyon wall. A very handsome, agile creature..they have added a lot to the area.


  1. This country has amazing places to go...I need to travel more! Cold water? I thought warm is supposed to better for us? Anyway, hope the sun will come soon, it's still wet & cold here, Kay! (boooH!)

  2. Merci pour ces merveilleuses photos... Un lieu sublime...
    Je rentre d'un séjour passé en Provence où je cherche un nouveau nid... demain je publierai dans mon blog plusieurs photos de cette région que j'affectionne. La température inhabituelle pour cette époque frisait régulièrement les 36/38°C.
    Gros bisous à bientôt

  3. I wish warm water helped but my tendons actually get inflamed and cold seems to help more. I have an old foot issue. Broke a bone in my left foot back in the late 60's. But what wasn't seen in the xrays were 2 other small bones that broke and then healed badly. I might have to have them rebroken and reset! So any extra weight or standing and they press on tendons and nerves now. It was ok when I was a young much lighter weight girl..!!! Good reason to lose some weight.

  4. Hi Kay,
    Great post! Love the photos, too. It looks breathtakingly beautiful, so I'm sure you'll be tempted to return your salary. Probably not, eh?
    Hope your poor feet heal soon, toughen-up or the boots do their job.
    I doubt you've had any time for sketching at this point, but we're looking forward to seeing your work when the opportunity presents itself.
    Take care and enjoy those tourists.

  5. What a beautiful place. I also love those mountain goats..here in the Blue Ridge Parkway, we have mountain cats...cougars, jaguars etc..rather scary around here.

  6. Hi Kay, Glad you liked joy! Good luck with your new job. Your photos are beautiful! Tina

  7. Wonderful pictures of the mountain goats, I'm still amazed that these (you would think were) cumbersome animals manage to keep their balance up there. Sun is shining here today....first time in around 8 months!!!

  8. Sounds like your new job is working out!!! What a wonderful area you live and work in!

  9. thanks all..I think so too Carol. Ryan, I have room on my 1/2 built ark for more people!Healing Woman, we have Cougars too! My neighbors had one perched on their car in their garage one day! Tina, I love the painting, Gary, thanks for the healing feet thought, they are better today! I am meeting a lot of tourists..which can be amusing at times.I do like my job..