Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8,2011

I am not big on manufactured holidays for commercial success of florists and Hallmark..but I love my Mom. So I am posting a painting I did of her from a photo I took on a hike with her a few years ago. Sadly her broken hip/replacement has kept her from doing hiking anymore..she fears falling. At 85 though she is active, still has get togethers with her high school chums, Reads piles of books and watches the news and baseball. At 82 she and her best friend June hiked all the hikes in Akron parks to win their hiking staffs and emblems. I couldn't even get that done back in the day when I was a girl scout! Mom loves people, she loves feeding people. She is a wonderful cook. I will not lie and tell you that we got along all of the time. I have learned over the years to speak up in my own defense with her. And it is difficult since Dad died..he was a buffer and a glue for our family. Mom tried her whole life to make memories for us all. I think because she lost her mother so young in life and had a lonely childhood. I think my siblings aren't as appreciative of her efforts as me since I raised my 2 sons so far away from family. Not an easy person..but a kind one..happy Mothers Day, Mom..Love you


  1. Kay, a very nice tribute to your mother.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Kate.

  3. Lovely tribute, Kay; I can only remember.