Friday, February 26, 2010

Thanks for the nice comments...actually 2 different pugs!  the running pug is our is funny that he is running, usually he just stands around watching Jesse James run..he is the smaller one. The snow is already about gone here but a lot in the mountains.

I managed to get to the studio today and finished the "flower" painting and started a wolf painting. I will post photos of the finished one tomorrow and still have to take photo of wolf one.  It is already named "The Misfortune of Being Born West of Yellowstone".  I usually don't get political in my painting. But the taking of wolves off protection list and initiating hunts in the state of Idaho is distressing.  Then a Utah State Legislator wanted to introduce a bill to outlaw wolves in Utah.  He wants any wolf that crosses the state border to be shot on sight!  A few questions..How do you intend to get the Federal Govt. to look the other way when the wolf is still protected here? How do you teach a wolf about the State border? Will he see and understand the Welcome to Utah, Life Elevated signs and know he is not welcome?   Just want to know!  

If you want a good read..Sherry Simpsons' "Killing Wolves" essay is intense.  She says "Something tightens in me when I think of her terrible beauty, the lovely sharpness of her teeth, the predatory brilliance of her gaze."

Simpson says "Inevitably the wolf becomes a distorted reflection of the human psyche, a heavy burden for one species to carry. We can hardly bear the the burden of being human ourselves."

"Wolves don't wander like dogs. They know where they are going. Sometime soon, they'll be back; they are always circling the world with their feet." Sherry Simpson from "Killing Wolves"

There are so many good bits in this essay.  

I could do a whole series of artwork from this one essay and then throw in some Jack London quotes and look out!

This might lend itself to a series of bold drawings.

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  1. I can't wait to see your painting. Sometimes the best stuff comes from strong stirrings in our heart. What you said was beautiful and also made so much sense.