Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So after years of painting I realized that I never did detail very well.  Hard for me to settle down and carefully manipulate a brush to create things the way I want them to look.  I have a plan, an idea I visualize..then I find myself limited by the inability to get the medium, or the brush or both to look the way I wanted.  Then I usually have to decide to accept that and create the painting in a different way. 

I have a certain style or look and partly it is due to the way I can't see anymore...eyesight is bad, and the way I can't use a brush.  There the truth is out and yet I still like some of my paintings the way they turn out.  I figured out this morning while thinking about this that I can get detailed in drawings if I want to have work that looks a certain way and the paintings can be freer and more expressionistic... I am not a classical painter..but sure wish I was.  

I have thought about going to an atelier that would force me to be more detailed and realistic.  It would be good to have the skill even if it didn't translate to my paintings.  

Still..maybe I should just try other pastels to get the detail.  And yet I like my style as it is....this is a weird situation to be in.

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