Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 12,2010

So I have not been painting because my back is hurting with a muscle spasm. Makes it hard to think creatively while in pain. Which makes me appreciate all the artists who work hurt, injured, disabled.  Of course this happens when I am trying to ramp up my painting in anticipation of the open studio and the Spring Salon in Springville!  So I will spend the weekend  taking some photos of artwork, matting and framing, and hopefully getting a website and adding artwork to redbutton. 

I teach drawing at the Roberts Craft Store in American Fork and I need to revamp that to make it more adult friendly. Funny thing..I don't feel comfortable with the young and pre teens in the class.  I feel they are not there to improve.  Also I feel like some of my instructions and help are ignored, over their heads, or just falling on deaf ears.  I may be cutting my own throat but I am thinking of demanding 5-6 weeks worth of payment at the beginning, and structuring the class to be inclusive in that time frame.  Also would like to limit it to adults so the adults who come are comfortable. It would be nice to do step by step, class by class instruction and build up to final projects ec.  I think it will be a better outcome for students instead of sporadic and repeated instruction.

Giving in to the back, my plans to finish setting up small bedroom as office space/guestroom/ mini watercolor studio has ben set aside for now.  Instead I will paint some small watercolors at my equally small kitchen table and try to get some enjoyment out of that!

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