Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7,2011

I signed the contract for the library show last night. Celeste from the Sprague Library was funny and efficient and a fan. She decided to keep my little portfolio for a while longer because she liked looking at the colorful images! So I have to have all info..price list, titles,etc. done by Sept. 15 for the advertising. I will deliver 16 pieces by the last week of January, 2012. The show will hang until March 30,2012. They supply the refreshments for my reception and the postcards and some advertising.
Hubby has been cradling boards for me to use for the 12x12 show...I need to start those right away. And of course the box is waiting my paintbrush. Now I am getting a bit nervous that my ideas won't translate, or I will not be able to achieve the look I want because of lack of skill! But I am squashing those thoughts and moving forward!
The weather has finally taken a turn for the better and I am posting pics of the hot air balloons that fly by early Sunday mornings.
Feet are much better, job is good, only hope that my 85 yr. old Mother gets over her latest bout with pneumonia. She has gotten it frequently and her Doctor appears rather unconcerned. I wish I were there to advocate for her but have to trust that my sister will get that done. She can be formidable for a tiny woman!
We have 9 kittens from the mother daughter duo of feral kitties in my Hubby's shed. Almost every color of the rainbow except an ginger tabby. I do so love the ginger tabbies..
Now we have to tame the little beasties as we feed them and hope to gather up the kitty clan for a trip to the discount spay and neuter clinic this summer.
Well I have a lot to do on my 2 days off...have a great week.


  1. Hi Kay,
    Glorious...simply glorious. Great post and thanks for sharing the balloon images.

  2. Love the photos! I hope your mom gets well soon also!