Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17,2011

I got the box itself painted and I think I like it. I am painting the postcards that will be attached to each side tonight after work. Then they will be attached to the box, the whole box will be clearcoated and on Monday evening I will deliver it up to the City Weekly offices and on to the next project!!!
Here are pics of the box after Weds. night.
I nearly undid the whole project by spraying the wrong color on it!!!
I thought I had 2 cans of clear coat high gloss. But they are black high gloss!! ( is this from lack of sleep?)
Anyway I tried shaking the one can til the ball rattled but it wouldn't I tried spraying over the red rock areas anyway and it seemed rather dark. So I quit after doing all four sides and then realized that I was lucky the paint hadn't mixed so I had not obliterated my painting under black!!!! Yikes!
But in the end..since it is a night scene..I think it helped. I went back and brightened up highlights and sprayed some accent color on the grasses and it seemed to be better. So luckily it is not ruined yet. There is still the possibility though so I need to get my act together. I am posting pics of weds. efforts. The sky bits have embossing powder in places..adds a bit of glow. I used plastic wrap on the dk. blue acrylic paint to create the textures for the night sky. These pics don't show it as well as it turned out. Have a great day..the finished product will be posted soon.


  1. J'aime voir le procédé de votre travail...
    Vos oeuvres sont toujours très intéressantes... Cette boîte en est la preuve...
    Gros bisous

  2. oh kay, these are really coming around now...i love your use of the orange with the blue, the skies are gorgeous. can't wait to see it finished!

  3. kay, i wanted to let you know that blogger is delayed in letting commenters know that the comment is not showing up until you fill out the WV so i almost left without realizing it wouldn't have been posted. thought you might like to know. xo

  4. hmm I wasn't aware! Thanks Linda