Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10,2010

First payday in a long time today!
10 more days until the Box has to be delivered!
I am posting pics I took of the box on Weds. but it looks different now! I decided to bring the sky down to half way covering much of the red rock. The animal sketches just weren't right to me. I wanted something more meaningful. So now they will be painted over as the red rock with petroglyphs and there will be cacti along the bottom.
Then I am cutting out oversized "postcards" from wood, painting them to be animals overlapping the backside of postcards with text, and addresses. These will be attached to all four sides with sheet metal screws. They will be addressed to my Dad.
This way I can use indigenous animals and still add another layer of meaning to the scenes. The sky which I used the light blue spray paint to cover the upper red rock you see in these photos will be a night sky with stars, constellations and cosmos type clouds.
So I am posting the older photos and hopefully take more later to show the changes. This will all be sprayed with a High gloss clear coat to really bring out the colors.
Turns out I am one of only a few who is as far along as I am! This is a group of procrastinators!!!
Have a great day..I am off to work.

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  1. when the page first opened i went "whoa" at the sight of the giant balloon-they're so amazing to see from this vantage point! your work is great and this looks very big, comparing it to the ironing board(i think?) .... lots of work besides your new work... love the fox on the bottom and the way they look like what they are but are almost abstracted down to the essence of movement...i suppose they aren't staying that way but they're cool. have a great