Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28,2011

Did 2 small plein air paintings today for the Wasatch Plein Air Paradise in Midway Utah. This is a fun event. There are 6 days of plein air painting, 2 paint outs, dinner and prizes. I have done it now for 3 years. This year I could only do today.
So I did 2 small paintings and forgot to take pics of them before I turned them in. I have been so tired that I got them done quickly with a small palette knife and went home..took a shower and a nap and Hubby drove me back to deliver the wet but framed paintings. I will finish my 3 paintings for the Hive gallery tonight and tomorrow and deliver them after driving 60 miles to retrieve my rejected painting In Ogden!!
I saw 2 Sandhill cranes today! And a group of swifts hung out with me and redwinged blackbirds and an old fat gopher. Fun!
I haven't felt like doing much on line as I have been so busy. So hope to catch up soon.
I put a pic I took of my box for my header. It looked awesome with the other boxes..I will post them too.


  1. Evening Kay,
    What a great photo! Congratulations once again on doing such a wonderful job and having it placed so prominently. You must be proud and you have every right to be.
    Thanks for sharing the good news.
    Hey! Did I just make a pun?

  2. Those boxes are so cool! I've done the same thing with forgetting to photograph paintings before they go out.