Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Wow..I am a happy camper today.  First. Last night I nearly got the small bedroom dunged out and ready for the watercolor station and a bit of bed for guests. Amazing the amount of clothes, and stuff I have accumulated over the 27 years in this tiny house.  Next projects are the tack shed..that should take a week and needs good warm weather, and the basement laundry room where life just lands in boxes and baskets. 

Second finishing the painting is always a happy event..filled with some anxiety!

Third, I won a tartan scarf from Crafty Green Poet!  That really made my day..thanks.

Today I am going to mix the mundane with the artistic.  I will finish the bedroom and set up the painting station and hopefully paint a small watercolor; and I get to do laundry....hohum.

And the watercolor here is one I did in the late 60s!  I won an award for it and it was sent to New York City for a show.  I was very young but I see I still do the same type of painting.  

I will probably spend some time daydreaming a bit..since that is how I get my ideas.  Then guitar lesson tonight. Boy my fingers are numb.  Trying to memorize chords is a chore best left to younger people..but the reason I am doing this is to stretch myself and my forgetful brain.

So off I go...thanks again Crafty Green Poet..you are awesome for having such a nice giveaway.

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