Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28,2010

Open studio over and my knees are sore and I am tired and had just a wee bit too much wine! Didn't get a chance to take many people in and out all Friday night and Saturday day! But a dear friend and her cute doggie came by to keep me company and I got their picture (Anita and Mollie Brown).  I am going to do a portrait of sweet Mollie and hoping to get Anita to dress in her traditional costumes and pose for me sometime.  The other 2 pics are of my studio neighbor Dayle Record across the hall and her friend and Dayle's wonderful food offerings. Seriously large strawberries!!

I did sell a small abstract to a friend and she wants more. And I may have found some private watercolor students. 

I didn't expect sales as this is my first time and people who are regulars to these openings don't know me and it is known that newbies have to be circled and sniffed out as being legit before the interest grows.

All in all a good and valuable experience.

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  1. Lovely the photos and this with the dog is very fantastic...
    I'll come back fast to see your blog.
    Best regards.
    sorry for my bad english!