Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11,2010

Finally a bit of sun, but still cool and another storm slated to come this way.  

I am working on matting some of my watercolors and gouache paintings for the open studio which is rapidly approaching...although I don't have wall space to hang everything..My hall space is minimized by artists who have been there a long a newbie I am wondering how much I can ask I will go to our fearless leader Brad and ask for some space!

I have about 4 feet outside my door in the hall and my studio is 15 x 15 feet (approx). with really only 3 walls available to hang some stuff above my shelves and workspace..the outside wall is cinder block and an outside metal security door.  I might be able to lean some of my large painting against that wall with removing some stuff. 

The artist across the hall has hung her photos in the bathroom in our section.  The artist in the corner down the hall is used to having wall space just outside his door and across the hall encroaching on my space!  But he is such a nice guy and asked if it was ok if he hung a large piece there..but it was already hung!  But technically my interior space dictates my hall space and I have very little.  Hmmm maybe I worry too much. I am just going to remove lots of stuff and hang what I can and make the others easy to go through from the floor and on top of my flat file and small stuff on top of my low shelves.  One thing for sure it will be colorful!  And I will be hanging my dragon kite and my weird wire hangings from the very high ceiling. They will be able to be seen from the halls as the interior walls of the studios only go up 8 feet and the ceilings are at least 10 feet higher. I will take pictures after it is all done in the next week.  Then I need to pick some wine and treats to have on hand. Making a flyer with my pic and pics of some of my work with a brief statement and bio will happen too..along with my freebie bookmarks made from some old abstract paintings on paper I cut up.   I had wanted some small prints of some of my work done for sale but no time or money..maybe in the fall at the next open studio. 

So now I will find some older work to post...have a great day

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