Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Went to the Utah Watercolor Society social last night. They always have great catered food, interesting presentations. A very active large group of talented watercolorists. They do Plein air paint outs, mini workshops and bigger workshops. They put on several shows a year. I was cajoled by a friend to come and ended up joining. Last night they had our local Utrecht art supply store employees demonstrating many fun things. One was paper marbling that I have tried and finally decided that I was doing it wrong!! There was a table showing gold leafing over watercolor backgrounds, a table showing texture making and a table showing painting on YUPO. Funny this is all stuff I do for fun yet these young art student/employees were so serious! They are a good bunch..I shop there a lot. Still they needed to loosen up a bit...I thought it was fun when the older established artists suggested a few more techniques and everyone learned! This club has a signature status and participates in the NWS and the Western Federation group.. I think I need to be more active. Then I was accosted by same friend and encouraged to participate in the ISA which is the Intermountain Society of Artists. Looks like I agreed to be vice-president! This is a smaller group but still very active and social. Then I got a call the other day to help out with the Utah County Art Board and I am going to do that too. It seems like a lot but I am seriously rethinking working so much in the summer for "peanuts" and getting more involved in the arts which is why I live anyway!!!! Anyhoo...I am excited and will see how much I can do.


  1. it all sounds very creative and exciting. Arts with good catering too, always nice....

  2. Isn't it strange how sometimes things can all open up at once. Good luck and I hope you have great fun with all these new endeavors.