Saturday, January 28, 2012

online class..doodle mania Jan. 28,2012

weeks 2 and 3 of the free online Strathmore class

got all the paintings matted and framed for the library show to be delivered tomorrow! Only a few mishaps..
broke the glass from 2 16"x20" frames, poor fellow at the hardware store had a devil of a time cutting the glass for me, I had to walk away!

Then I find out he cut the pieces 1/16 " too long. So today I took them back with the frames and got them trimmed.

I decided to play some today, finally got the laptop to work at the studio so I could watch the online Strathmore class and do some fun play.

The good news is Hubby should only have 1 and 1/2 weeks unpaid until cleared to go back to work. He ruined a tendon in his ankle and even though surgery would have been preferable he has to wear a walking boot for 4 weeks so the tendon can scar enough to hold. It is pretty involved but without Workman's compensations ok..he would have had to stay out for 12 weeks unpaid after surgery. So no surgery.
It happened at work and we hoped it would be covered but the few fakers have ruined it for everyone. If they agree to cover the surgery then he can do light duty at work with the walking boot...but without the ok then his company will not allow him to do light duty. I stinks..but if Hubby hadn't frittered away his vacation and personal time...we might have been ok. He got discouraged and would just sit at home in front of the tv. Yes he was depressed and refused to take his under threat from me he is back on meds and easier to live with.
But just as we start to get some where better with our finances..something happens.

Enough of that..I am really excited about seeing my colorful paintings all hung together. The library uses a really good fellow who professionally hangs the shows.
Have a great weekend everyone

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