Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18,2012

I had 7 people signed up for my workshop but then things began to fall apart. Five had to drop out for various commitments and so I was left with two and had to cancel. I need at least four to make it work financially. But actually, although I needed the money, I am ok with it. I was kind of having some anxiety and trying to get things done. I will do this workshop in March and a different one in February (which I already have some signed up). It is going to be a bit harder to get commitments than I thought. I am thinking of putting a Paypal thing on my Facebook page so people can pay as they sign up.
Yesterday I wired up 18 frames for hanging in the February show. I am getting excited to deliver the paintings. I just need to mat some small works and the four 16"x20" works. I currently have them in the frames without mats and although they look good...they need to fit with the smaller paintings already matted. I borrowed a mat cutter from a friend who bought it unused from someone for $20.00! Now I need to figure out how to use it and hopefully there will be no more bloody fingers!
Supposed to get snow this week, and rain! It got bone chilling cold over the last two days and today it is in the upper 40's. Strange January weather.
My oldest son, Shane, has decided to rent a house locally for a few years instead of moving to California. He still wants to be there but wants to go in a better economic climate. I hope he and Alisa get the house they have applied for.
My son Thomas has written a review for an independent film. He is a good writer and was asked to review this unreleased movie. His blog is


  1. Good luck with your workshops - am sure it'll work out next time!

  2. Yes, it would be better if you got people to pay for your workshops when they signed up for them. They might be more committed and think twice about canceling. Good luck with the next ones. XOX

  3. Je vous souhaite plein de meilleures choses lors de vos prochains ateliers...
    Je comprends votre d├ęsarroi...
    La peinture des loups est superbe. J'aime leurs regards...
    Gros bisous