Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan. 5th,2012

It feels strange writing/typing 2012.
I signed up for a free online Strathmore class with Tracy Bautista. It is a lot of fun so far..still time to get in on the first week everyone! Just go to Strathmore will find it there.
Posting pics of what I did the other is mixed media on Strathmore 400 series artboard. I had some hanging it for a steal because the packaging was dirty. Turns out that this is the support that Strathmore is promoting through these free online classes. So I didn't have to buy it or try to figure out a substitute. I did have to change out a few materials because I wasn't going to the store with no money!!! But since I am an art supply hoarder..then I was ok.
It is a class I am using to get me busy. I always thrive under deadlines or assignments.
I call this one "The First Birds". The birds are from stencils I made for another project. The feathers started out as stencils using my chicken and dove feathers.
Of course the stencils got covered up because I was having fun spraying fluid acrylics around!

the others are details. Then I decided I wanted to try out some crackle glaze I picked up a while ago...never stop when you can add just one more thing!!!!
So I can see me doing more of the doodles as Tracy called them but it seems similar to what I am already doing.
I have never been a fan of Strathmore papers..prefer Arche it takes a good lot of abuse..but I am impressed with these 4oo series boards. They have a smooth surface and did not want to warp..of course it never got real wet..I will put it to the test on my next one.


  1. What lovely art you made. I'm super impressed. I love the combination of colors you used, although I guess that's not supposed to be so important.

  2. Nora, the color is way important to me!!!! Thanks for liking my art.

  3. Glad you're enjoying your course! The painting is lovely, such wonderful colours and the bird has such character!

  4. Wow! Free online class! I'll have to check that out. Oh, and glad I'm not the only art supply "hoarder" out there! LOL!

  5. I love this painting, so primal, a shamanic journey of sorts. The colors bring the thing to life, I love the colors you picked!