Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sad for someone we knew. Her husband had been my husband's best friend..he died 10 years ago. His son, named after my husband killed himself Nov. 1 of this year. We just found out in of all things, his mother's Christmas letter. I am sure I could have never put that in a Christmas letter..I think I would have sent word to all the friends in a separate mailing..but it has to have been a very difficult time. I am sure we would have attended his funeral had we been aware..but what do you do now?
I have been reading a book about the artist Brian Kershisnik. He is from Utah and does interesting figures and relationships. It has given me ideas for a series of paintings.
I have always wanted to do paintings of my father's childhood photos. Now I want to do my childhood memories. Many thoughts and fears of execution of the ideas. And why can't I free myself to do what I dream?
This little acrylic painting is called "Bears On The Mountain"


  1. Tout comme vous en ce moment je suis en train de mettre à l'honneur notre ami l'ours dans ma dernière peinture... Très joli toile que la vôtre... avec de belles nuances de couleurs et un style qui n'en manque pas. Bises

  2. I love the freshness and uniqueness of this work. You ask - how can you free yourself to do what you dream - I think by forgetting the others and painting just for you.