Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec. 18,2010

Last night around 9:30 pm I got a knock on the door and in the current snow storm was a young woman holding a cute little puppy. She had to stop traffic in front of my house to save 2 little dogs from getting hit. She was on her way to a wedding but had decided to go door to door to see if she could find the dogs' owners. I told her to go to her wedding and leave the little dogs with me. I called dispatch and reported them and told them I would keep them over night. So I got little sleep on the couch as they were not housebroken!!! They were Tibetan terriers with no collars or tags. The female, possibly the mother of the male pup had a little coat on. She was shy, he was not. Very cute but in the morning I called the police dept. to see if anyone had reported missing them and no one had! So I had the Police come pick them up and take them to the shelter. I always feel bad about doing this but I can't keep every dog, cat, monkey (ok no monkey's yet) cow, goat or sheep that shows up on my place. People move into our area and think they have moved into the country and they get pets and or livestock and proceed to be stupid about their care!!! It probably will be ok because even if their owners never claim them..someone probably will as they are purebred Tibetans and tiny and very cute and personable. That is my hope. I really hope the owners have to pay to retrieve them..a little hit in the pocket usually makes people do better. I seriously thought about keeping them but after cleaning up lots of accidents I knew that if I am housebreaking a dog it better be one I want and have chosen. I hate to tell you how many cats we have rescued and had spayed or neutered over the years. And I raised German Shepherds for years and have a license allowing me 7 dogs but have liked only having 3! I guess it comes down to having to make the hard decision to allow life to happen and to know I can't save them all. I really wish people had a better sense of stewardship over their pets here but it goes on and on. So here is a little prayer that the little dogs are found and home now.
Feeling gloomy today because it is gloomy outside...sigh..I need some sun!
Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like going to the studio.
This is a drawing of my 3 dogs


  1. I know you are right that people can be very irresponsible with their pets. Cheers to the young lady who went out of her way to find the owner and to you for caring for them overnight.

  2. It is such a shame about those little dogs, some people are very irresponsible, especially that they are not housebroken too. I just had to comment on that drawing, it is so lovely. It reminds me of a picture that you might find to go in an old childrens book or short story I dont know why. really nice

  3. Je vous félicite pour votre gentillesse...
    J'ose espérer que ces toutous retrouverons leur maîtres ou de nouvelles personnes qui leur offriront une nouvelle chance.
    Je serais comme vous, ma maison serait l'arche de Noé... les animaux le sentent car ils arrivent souvent d'eux-même et sont restés... Mais parfois maintenant je dois savoir dire non... dans leur intérêt également, autrement on serait débordé très rapidement...
    Très joli dessin de vos toutous...
    Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez.

  4. I am glad that someone at least stopped and helped the dogs and had the heart to do so. I am sure they will find a good home. :)

    I have 2 little puggies at home too.

  5. well, i suppose if they were to be killed in front of the house but i do know exactly what you are talking about...we have lots of land up here and so, for some unknown reason, people think, because there might be farmers or something up here, they can dump off pups and kitties and grown pets and make a run for it...once we chased someone all the way to the next town to get the license plate number, made us so mad! anyway, calming down, know what you mean and i too, do hope they find a home...and you're right, if they're purebred, that does seem to bode well...and this is a very neat little drawing of your own doggies...cute ;) xx

  6. What an interesting and sad little story Kay. I am interested as my daughter works for the RSPCA here in England. People behave here just as you describe there. Of course there are many responsible people but still that minority persists in ignoring and mistreating their animals. At present in addition to her own dog she is fostering a Staffordshire female who had suffered a broken leg in a puppy breeding centre. Hopefully Millie will be adopted by some kind people soon. It does come down to "making that hard decision to let life happen". That is a wonderful way of putting it as you cannot save all animals. It is not possible. Hitting the pocket is a good strategy which seems to work here. Before an animal can be adopted from RSPCA substantial payment has to be made and vet's subscriptions shown.
    That's a lovely drawing that you have done there. Thanks for your kindness Kay and for the interesting post.