Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I read this online today on Fine Arts Newsletter.
"What an utterly lovely grain of sand you are...too bad you're lying on a beach."
Hugh MacLeod.
This is Frankie..who is a lovely pug who stands out in a crowd..lovely personality I should say!


  1. I have 2 pugs :) and they are full of personalities.

    I wonder what Frankie is thinking.. maybe something that involves a treat. lol

  2. That would be a terrible thing to say to someone.

    Your painting is lovely.

  3. J'ai peint souvent des carlins dans mes compositions...Très belle attitude pour votre toutou.

  4. Erika, 2 pugs are fun..I am thinking 3 might be even better! I have 2. And yes I do believe Frankie dreams of treats! Nora, I believe Hugh was referring to realizing we need to stand out in our art and not be one of the crowd. He is an art coach. I think it would be ugly to say to just anyone too!!! Thanks for always visiting Ladies!

  5. hi kay, what a love is your pug, i so want to get two but am afraid they only live 7 years or that true? and they have a rather strong, shall we say softly so as not to upset frankie, odor? like DO because they sweat...anyway, he's a