Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4,2010

Today I cleaned my studio, and wired my watercolors to hang on Monday. Then I got paints ready for my plein air easel, and found my canvas for the upcoming plein air 3 day workshop in Ogden, Utah. Do your paint tubes get so gummed up you can't open them? I cleaned all of my tubes up. And I have new paints coming that I ordered online. WHEW...then I started home. Exactly 27 miles and it took me almost an hour. 0-15 miles per hour for at least 3/4 of the way. Someone had a wreck. Hopefully no one was injured.
Yesterday I decided to try a small watercolor of one of my iris photos and it kept getting worse and worse! So I gave it a bath in the sink and tried adding watersoluble graphite shadows and details..that didn't work so I washed it again. It is definitely one that will sit for a while!
I had a young friend talk to me about my art and he is very intuitive and honest and he suggested that one of my problems was inconsistency in my technique. What an insight. I hadn't really given that idea any thought..although i have talked about wanting a more classical training to upgrade my technique. I am a bit worried that I don't have a consistent body of work to present for anything requiring a portfolio.
I have also been struggling with pricing my artwork.
So no new artwork but I am posting one of a scrub jay that I did earlier this year. I haven't seen the pair who were nesting here for a while. and the starlings have fledged and we were able to clean out the bathroom vent and screen over it.
Have a great weekend!


  1. inconsistency is an interesting one because surely the other side of it is variety which is a good thing. it's something I ponder a lot in my writing.

    I love your scrub jay painting

  2. Thanks..I hadn't thought of it that way!

  3. i love your jay, i love all blue birds, and these guys, tho noisy, are fun to watch but i don't encourage them and found that if you have both woodpeckers and jays, the woodpeckers are the rulers....keeps things much quieter.

    as for "inconsistencies" well, i think they are what you DO want as without variety-another word-life is boring and art is life so art needs to be random, unexpected, surprising...i would not worry about it at all and just do what speaks to your heart-like your fish in the header- with no worries about other's thoughts and attitudes. you know they will have them and they have nothing to do with your art. just theirs...well,'s my two cents but this got too long, didn't it..xo

  4. Thanks Linda..good thoughts I will take to heart!!