Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17,2010

I made a big decision the other day and since I feel relieved, happy and not as concerned as I thought I would be..well must be the right decision! Spent Monday and Tuesday in the sun, puttering around the house, reading a good book (Peter London's No More Second Hand Art, Awakening The Artist Within) and in general relaxing.
Then it came to me and the decision was made to give up my studio space and bring all of it home and work from here. I didn't realize what a homebody I am until I would be up at the studio, it would be very quiet and I would be longing to be painting at home. Let me tell you the decision to have a studio was made not in haste, but with a thought that I would treat it like a job and I would produce steadily and be a part of an artist community, give and take with others on art, and eventually my art would pay for the space and it would make perfect sense to commute to this space. Besides my husband works graveyard shift and he sleeps during the day and when he isn't asleep he has a tendency to follow me around..kind of like a young child. Besides I figured I would be distracted by not only him but the bills, the housecleaning, the know what I mean!!!!
Well it didn't turn out that way. Do you ever feel as if you are always coming late to the party??
I do and in this case it was true. This particular studio complex used to be further north and into the Salt Lake City Proper. The community of artists were vibrant, excited, busy and communicating with each other. When the complex moved south and to this bigger building, some of the artists did not move but eventually created their own space somewhere else and it is a busy, vibrant, give and take group. This complex I am in has gotten quieter and attracted a more solitary artist and there isn't any communication. When I am there generally there are only a few people there if anyone! And not too friendly. I am sure they are nice but no one stops to say hello, or notices your open door. True, they are there to work..but there is no sense of community except during the 2 open studio events a year.
I found I need the noise! After spending 3 years working on campus studios with many others, having that community and support, and living by the busy road (I hate it but guess I now miss the noise!) I find I am unable to work in the silent vacuum..even music doesn't chase it away, and taking my dog didn't help.
So with that lengthy bit of explanation..I am coming home during July and my family has agreed to help move stuff so I can have a space until we can afford to build me something on the property. I can honestly say I am excited, and it has spurred me on to cleaning out some rooms that really have needed it and that will satisfying and results will be great.
I am sure the landlord will let me come and participate in open studio as a guest, and I can join an artist co-op and be a part of some community. At any rate..I am a happy camper..
Today I am posting 4 items and trying to narrow it to 2 for an entry tomorrow in a statewide show..maybe you can tell me if you like 2 of them?


  1. sounds good to me, i wouldn't want to go somewhere to paint although i do live a good long ways away from any type of studio situation! and i would pick the top two if it were me, i have always loved those sheep ;)

  2. I travel to paint to a community arts & crafts group - I don't paint alone at all - always people around working on something, not necessarily art. I'd love to paint at home but don't have the space. From what you said I think you have made a really wise choice. Work from home and then find a group you can take part in when you want to. I like the first two as well, and I must say I love the fish on your blog header!

  3. Thanks Ladies, I agree...I think that my husband picked the Rooster because he was tired of the sheep! The sheep is actually a watercolor remake of the big oil painting that I have in another show.