Tuesday, August 28, 2012

spent yesterday morning going with my son to get his car out of impound. The DMV was crowded. The lady who eventually sauntered to her station to help us get a release spoke little English. Insisted Shane indicate who was driving the car out of impound..although we weren't sure if it could be driven yet. At her insistence Shane said he would be driving it out and she printed the release. Then she asked if he wanted to get his car out of impound....what??? well duh...yeah that is why we are here. We thought maybe she was joking but no..she had her rehearsed "English" questions mixed up. Impound lot was better. car was in good shape but not drivable since the thief had used a screwdriver on the ignition and ruined it. The only things stolen were a pair of ripped up jeans and cell phone belonging to one of Shane's girlfriend's friends. She had to get a new phone and found texts and phone numbers belonging to the thief, his girlfriend and her mother!!!! how dumb was that? There were 2 construction tool bags empty in the car and an orange construction flag...obviously 50 ( thief's nom de plume) was a busy boy that night stealing from a construction truck or site! Now it is up to the police to pursue these dingdongs. And the insurance company will "drive" the car out of impound. all in all a good day since we done by noon.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your son's misfortune, but at least he got the car back.

    Love this mountain scene. Makes me want to make a trip to the Rocky Mtns.