Sunday, August 5, 2012

I found out yesterday that my full time work at the Visitors center is ending with this pay period. I will do 3 day weekends for a few weeks then down to 2 days and then done sometime in September. I am contracted for a certain amount of hours per season. But I am looking forward to more time off as this has not been the best year for my health!!! My plans are to take Amtrak to Ohio and visit my family for at least 3 weeks. Then I hope to have my knee or knees surgery and spend the winter recuperating and getting back into form while painting up a storm!!!! My next goal will be to organize myself and start a marketing plan to sell my art and hopefully get into a gallery, shows and get active in the Utah County art board, and the 2 artists groups I have joined. So plans are being made, I am paying off some small niggling bills and then planning my near future! My other plan more long term is to travel for art and also to buy a small tear drop trailer so I can travel with paints!!!!I think that would suit me. The next big expense though has to be hay for the horses... I feel like the painting I am posting is not quite done and I am not fond of the style but now I plan to do more and make them my own!!! I will post that from my phone..since my camera has decided to take a vacation!!! I did get it on my camera after all...

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