Sunday, June 17, 2012

so I wish I could say that all was well but the painkillers finally wore off on Friday night and I wondered if I would have to be back to the emergency room! I walked the floor for several hours and eventually the Aleve began to work and I managed to get a tiny bit of sleep before going to work. But I felt pretty miserable all day. Thomas was home early and fed the animals for me and this morning Dave is off and has agreed to feed them for me this morning. I have been suffering from what we think is a pinched nerve in my left shoulder which may have happened in the awful violent vomiting episode. Also I have a muscle spasm in my lower back...which is not nice but can be controlled for now with back pain pills. If it gets worse the Dr. can get me muscle relaxants. finished pneumonia treatment this morning. But it still hurts to breathe deep. So as you can see I am a mess! I will stop complaining...because in spite of all that is happening, I wanted to be grateful today for the wonderful years I had with my Dad. As many of you know, Dad died in 2006 and even though he was very sick...we were so unhappy to let him go. It is a testament to him that all of us miss him everyday. Dad was a very funny man. He would draw cartoons about happenings at work and present them to his friends. Once he made a child's stool with the lift up back that he carved his buddy's name on it. He then placed it in front of the urinal in the men's room for his friend to find. They had a running joke about his friend being a troll and short. Once I left a half eaten banana on the kitchen counter while I ran upstairs for a minute. Dad picked up a needle and thread nearby and sewed the banana half back into the peel! He ate the whole piece of cake my brother had taken one bite out of and then left the room. He left the bit with my brother's bite on the plate! He acted like the hunchback of Notre Dame whenever I had a boyfriend over...coming down the stairs and declaring his love for the bells! Enough to embarrass us but it rarely did! Needless to say..he was a great Dad and I miss him.


  1. Good Morning Kay,
    Well, my Dear, quite an adventure you've been having! Here's hoping you are soon--very soon--able to look back on this as just a faded memory.
    Get some rest and feel better soon. The Art World needs your creativity and great spirit.

  2. Un bel hommage...
    Gros bisous à vous.

  3. Thanks for sharing the stories about your Dad! Sorry for your loss. Hope you're feeling better too!!