Thursday, June 14, 2012


Tuesday had been the perfect day off. Sunny, breezy, quiet. I did only what I wanted which was watch a baseball game, play with the dogs. I felt pretty terrific physically. Around 9:30 I began to feel nauseous. I also began to vomit..I know..TMI..but it is important to note that I rarely if ever do that. It was so violent and painful that I couldn't breathe. Then my left shoulder felt like it was on fire. I am not a baby about pain. I rarely need doctors. But this was literally some of the worse pain I have ever felt. I tried to call out to my son, Thomas, but couldn' I called him on my cell phone!!! Now I think I can justify having the cell phone. He ran out and saw me, immediately called 911 and was really there for me. The police and paramedics were fast! They are after all in the new building just down the street. Funny how modesty goes out the window. These guys were great. They transported me to the hospital and Thomas followed, after he had let the dogs in and left a note for his dad. Hubby was on the road from work. They found out I had a pneumositis in my lungs...kind of pneumonia but not quite. So on meds for that. My EKGs were fine, blood pressure fine, I was sent home at 5am..but taking no chances, at 11:40am...I was injected with radioactive tracers and scanned for 15 minutes, then a stress test and more tracers and another scan. 2 and 1/2 hours later..I was home. The shoulder has quit hurting..thanks to good drugs. But the ribs are sore and the chest too. Feels like someone hit me with a baseball bat! Monday I go to the cardiologist where he will read the scans. Here is hoping there is nothing blocked. Needless to say..I couldn't teach Will this week and I am taking Thursday off too and part of Monday. Hope I feel up to work on Friday, Sat, and Sunday. But they are ok if I am not up to snuff. So what I learned...I have no family history of heart disease, diabetes,etc. every question they asked sounded like my Hubby's family not mine! My blood pressure stays pretty much at 115 over 80 all of the time, even in the throes of pain! I am as healthy as the proverbial ox..yet here I was in the ER. I was sure I was having a major heart attack and I kept thinking..but I have more art to do! I have new BFFs in the form of nice young paramedics and male nurses and kind doctors. My son Thomas can be counted on to take care of things in an emergency. Usually it is Shane we go to but Thomas was so fabulous. What a great kid. My limit for laying still in a scanner with my arms above my head is 15 minutes! The second 15 minutes..I itched, had the heebie jeebies, had a hard time shutting off the brain. My poor Hubby is pretty useless in an emergency, but he cooked dinner last night! I never want to go through this again..the end!

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  1. kay, sorry to read about your illness + pain...ugh...been there, done that myself more than once from pneumonia. funny how modesty REALLY flies out the window!!! take care xxx