Saturday, March 10, 2012

worn out

studio time spent clearing off table surfaces so I could get that huge roll of watercolor paper rolled out and cut. I had bought this roll a while ago..Fabriano not my favorite and so hard to deal with! So I have several sheets of tempered glass that I put on the tables and I cleaned them and the tables and brought out the dreaded roll. It always snaps back and then tears..yikes. But this time I was ready for it. I had several heavy art books, thank you Cezanne, Uffizi, etc.! I rolled it out weighed each corner down then when I got to the other side of the table more books. Measured out 40"x48" cut it out..using 2 more books to keep the corners of newly cut piece from snapping back. I managed to cut 4 pieces, then I sprayed them with water and placed the tempered glass pieces on them to hopefully make the snappy paper lay flat. Now I hope they don't stick together when I go up tomorrow to start painting. I have a frame that has 40x47 inch opening. So I will frame one and the others will get tacked to the wall. I am going to try to recreate the same style of mixed media that I did for the library show and have continued to change up in a smaller scale with collage.
This is a big experiment!!
It was like WORK today! But the weather is fine as frog hair and my mood matched it.
After spending the last few weeks trying to get things organized/cleaned/dunged..I am truly tired tonight!


  1. La peinture de ce petit renard rempli de ruse est adorable...
    Je vous envoie de gros bisous

  2. hi kay, love your fox! i was reading of your massive struggle with that roll of fabriano..not my fave either. i read that you can paint a layer of either gesso or matte medium on the back of the paper to make it lie flat. i wish i could remember which it is but think it's the medium. anchor it down, i would staple it to plywood and let it dry. when dry is flat as a board. i haven't tried this but know that wetting my heavier arches and stapling to board works well to give me a flat piece and even when wet, it dries back flat. i am not so brave as to try such a large piece as that without a good piece of gessoed ply and a staple gun. i am interested to hear how and what you paint on this. betting it will be wonderful! ;) and exciting to tackle such a huge undertaking tho i do tire of large projects quickly... must be a short attention span or add! or both!!

    also my dear, my new NEWEST and FINAL address for this new blog i have started is musings on country living dot wordpress dot com ... no link as they never work. hope you will come over and visit poor lonely me. leaving blogger has meant leaving some who just won't come to wordpress. so maybe update your reader with the address...not such a prolific blogger you know? thanks much-keep painting and can't wait to see what happens with that monster paper! xxo