Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More layers

so yesterday I got out my recently purchased wax batik "pen". It is electric and keeps the wax hot so you can draw with thin or thick lines. Took me a bit of experimenting. It is hard to see the thin lines I added to both of these. Then I added more watercolor wash. The next step will be ironing off the wax I used to hold the tape down along the edges. The blue one has that dark green brushwork along the edges..that is what wax was left in my electric I hope most of it comes up with the ironing process. The rest of the wax will stay until I am done pouring and painting with the inks. Then I will remove it with ironing. The reason I am taking off the wax on the edges is because i re thought my idea of leaving a white border with irregular edges. It will still be evident but I will let the inks diffuse and spread where they will.
Then it is a matter of seeing how it all turns out and embellishing with collage, embossing powders, spray fabric paint etc.
I have a vague idea how this is going to look but the fun of processes is what keeps me doing!!!
Sun is out again today and I plan on enjoying that!!!
Also figuring out my new vegie garden. Will be using all the cement block that is around here and make above ground beds with trucked in garden soil. The soil here is very deficient and I want to start out with a good foundation. Now if i can get some help with the hauling of these block!
Have a great day


  1. Your art is very peaceful and calming. Lovely and beautiful artwork.