Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept. 20,2011

took on quite a job, painted hallways at studio, and yesterday the interior of my studio. Today I am looking for some golden yellow and purple to paint the pipes on my wall. The halls are adobe with sage green trim and the studio is a yellow green with natural wood trim. I figured since I didn't have a lot of new work..clean walls will at least help what I hang look better!!!
Pictures later.
The open studio event is this weekend. I am trying today to not tire myself out so I have enough energy for the weekend. I have found myself having to conserve my self physically and that is a bit distressing. Hoping that losing more weight will help but I realize that as I get older..I do tire more easily.
Today i plan to hang out close to home and do small things for the studio. I am doing what I call Lanyard art..kind of dumb but fun.
So hoping to get to studio later and start hauling home some stuff. I really have too much there..it can be distracting.

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  1. j'ai hâte de voir votre studio en photo... Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage pour la fin de sa réalisation.
    Gros bisous