Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Naturalist Journal Pages

Naturalist Journal Page 5,BathtubNaturalist Journal Page 1, 1961 VWNaturalist Journal Page 2,Peace,Love and HappinessNaturalist Journal Page 3, Killer Bees Invade UtahNaturalist Journal Page 4,Blue FishNaturalist Journal Page 6, Kill Wolves?
Nturalist Journal Page 7, BenNaturalist Journal Page 8, Blue ChairNaturalist Journal Page 9, CarrionNaturalist Journal Page 10, Bunny

Naturalist Journal Pages, a set on Flickr.

some fun stuff


  1. hope blogger doesn't eat this as it didn't load right...anyway these are so fun! i love your way with animals, it always brings a smile...hoping you are well...i have not seen you in awhile. xoxo

  2. You make the best animals!! These pages are fascinating!