Monday, August 15, 2011


my Saturday today!!!
Finally a chance to figure out the smarty pants phone I bought. Geez..touch screen is touchy!!! But it has some wonderful features.
I wanted one so I could use a gps app for geocaching. But can't get it figured out yet.
And I can download an app for taking credit cards at the next open studio.
Not that I needed to justify the purchase. I waited over a year for an upgrade so I could make sure of what I wanted.
And I downloaded some classics so I have books to read. I sure have been tempted by all the tablets out there. but this will have to do for a while!!!
Saw a bat yesterday at work. what a cute little thing.

ok..didn't know how to put a good bat photo up so I did the next best thing..Jesse James as a bat for Halloween!
2 pics of American Fork Canyon


  1. Gorgeous photos, Kay. Utah is such a beautiful place. So happy to hear that you have a job you looks very exciting!

  2. Oh, my. Poor Jesse James. Too funny.