Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan. 6,2011

Started 2 paintings. The oil painting is an idea I have had for a long time. Years ago we went up to Canada and after seeing Lake Louise we headed west to BC. Along the road we saw a black bear running with the deep woods to his north. Then camping in California we encountered a lot of elk. The figure will be my youngest son Thomas as he looks today. It started out pretty bad. The colors were awful and I was uninspired. Then I thought I wanted to lighten and brighten things up and knew I would add more paint tinted and brighter to the dark shapes. I started to add patches of lighter and sometimes darker blue to the sky and it morphed to me adding the same elements to the tree shapes and now the figures. I want them to shimmer. I want it to be fun and not real. I want it to be colorful and whimsical. I am showing 2 details and one of the whole painting. It is far from done. I foresee lots of colors added to deepen the darks and really brighten the lights. It is approx. 16 inches by 32 inches. Since it is board support I can really use a lot of paint. I had considered sanding it down and starting something else but I am stubborn. No masterpiece but a different sort of use of paint for me. I really don't like pointillism..but I suppose this has elements of that. but with a start of large dark shapes.
The watercolor is huge. Bigger than a full sheet of 140#. I cut some off a large roll of Fabriano. That is a pain..I have to move everything out of the middle of the studio and use whatever I can find as weights to hold the curling paper down so I can cut it!. Since it is 58 inches tall it is so cumbersome.
I will never buy a roll of watercolor paper again! Unless someone can give me an idea how to cope with it.
I started out just adding wet paint to wet support. Some salt, plastic wrap and let it dry for a few days. I like turtles and the large shape in the center kind of looked like one. I added the leaf shapes and think I will find more by painting around negative space. I wanted to see if I could do the dot thing on a large scale and see if it would hold up as well as it did on my tiny paintings. You know that does not always work. Of course it means a lot of dot making so this one will take a while. I want to keep the fresh bright colors of the watercolor medium and so I don't want to do too much glazing except to bring out the found shapes of leaves etc. I know I tend to keep many of the figures and the dots at the same value..but that is what I like to do..we shall see if it works on this humongous painting!!


  1. Kay, isn't it interesting to keep working on a painting and becoming more and more responsive to intuition as you work. I am fascinated by that concept. The turtle painting is becoming quite beautiful already.

  2. Amazing that you have tackled old paintings and big ginormous watercolor paper at the same time. Stubborn is a good thing and I can't wait to see what sheer determination brings out in these pieces. WAY to go- what an inspiration!

  3. two lovely paintings that demonstrate your versatility as an artist! I like the combination of leaves and turtle in the watercolour

  4. I admire your skill and also the patience you must have, I'd love to be more artistic but unfortunately I'm not blessed in that department.

  5. Wonderful painting!!! Huh! I've always thought buying watercolor paper by the roll would the coolest thing! Not so?

  6. I love whimsical.
    That roll of Fabriano must have set you back. Maybe cut some sheets in different sizes and weight them down. They'll be ready when you need them.