Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 10,2011

I finished this drawing today. It is called Goldfish Tails and is color pencil and acrylic highlights on black Canson artboard. It is 6.5"x16" and I have 2 more to finish. One will be of veil tail Bettas and the other will be angelfish. It was fun to do and the prismacolor pencils were nice to use on the artboard. Usually I break leads and then get frustrated by using the color pencils.I needed to use the acrylic paint for highlights because the black artboard made it difficult to highlight with the pencils. Anyway something to do while watching TV. I realize that if I didn't watch TV I could get a lot done but I like to watch in the evening and as long as I am drawing..I feel time not wasted!
Finding myself still watching sappy family movies..a guilty pleasure I had to admit to.
I don't want to be one of those people who says "I only watch Public TV and I do watch a lot of it..but I do like sports and movies too.
A pretty sunset is happening now and it is cold..but clear! Have a good evening/day!


  1. Très belle ouvre... J'aime le regard du gros poisson et quelle élégance!...

  2. Kay you are a marvellous person and I thank you so much for your words on my blog meant much to me after my long ansence that you took the time

  3. this is such a lovely piece, what vibrant colours and what beautiful fish!